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    AudioControl DQ-61 Factory sound processor with equalization and time delay (Black)

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    Product description

    • Your factory receiver can drive an aftermarket system

      You want good sound in your vehicle but you can't (or won't) change out the factory receiver. Audio Control's DQ-61 6-channel digital processor hooks up to your vehicle's speaker wiring, and transforms your factory radio's output into a balanced, equalized, and time-aligned signal that'll get superior performance from your aftermarket amps and speakers. And the DQ-61 will work with just about any factory setup, even amplified systems.

      Perfect tone and balance

      You need a lot of tone control to achieve high-quality sound in the quirky acoustics of the mobile environment. With seven bands of equalization on each pair of front, rear, and subwoofer channels, the DQ-61 can tune the complete audio spectrum almost to perfection. Its Signal Delay function centers the musical image so it sounds balanced at about windshield height, instead of down around your left knee. An included wired remote lets you make adjustments and control the sub level from your front seat.

      Bring back the bass

      Many factory radios turn the bass down as the volume increases, protecting the vehicle's cheap factory speakers, but losing low-end power and punch. AudioControl developed a patent pending AccuBASS™ circuit that restores the bass the factory system erased, giving you much fuller and more enjoyable sound. The AccuBASS works on the DQ-61's subwoofer output channel, so your sub amp can work with a totally restored bass signal.

      Product highlights:

        General information
        • 6-channel factory sound processor with EQ and Signal Delay (Espresso Black)
        • designed to work with any factory stereo
        • 6 speaker-level inputs (each can handle up to 400 watts RMS of power)
        Signal processing
        • input level controls with maximization indicator LED
        • 7-band graphic EQ on front, rear, and subwoofer channels
        • Signal Delay control adjusts time alignment for left-to-right and subwoofer-to-front balance
        • AccuBASS bass restoration circuitry
        • AutoMode creates subwoofer channel when needed
        • internal signal summing available when used with factory systems with crossovers
        • output level controls to match amp inputs
        • maximum output level: 7.5 volts RMS
        More info
        • ACR-3 Dash Control Remote included
        • GTO™ (Great Turn-On) signal-sensing turn on
        • 12-volt 1-amp turn-on lead output
        • recommended fuse: 2-amp
        • dimensions: 8-5/8"W x 1-1/4"H x 5"D

        What's in the box:

        • 6-Channel Line output converter/Equalizer
        • ACR-3 wired remote control
        • 18' Remote cable (RJ-14 plug on both ends)
        • Owner's manual
        • QC checklist
        • Quick reference card
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      AudioControl DQ-61 Factory sound processor with equalization and time delay (Black)

      $349.00 USD
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