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    AudioControl DQDX Digital signal processor (Black)

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    Product description

    • Fine tuning your ride

      An automobile poses some unique challenges when it comes to getting well-tuned, perfectly aligned sound. Road noise and poor speaker placement create problems that require equalization, your subwoofer needs to be tuned to your vehicle, and the sound from the left speakers reaches the driver before sound from the right speakers, making it difficult to obtain a clear stereo image. AudioControl designed the DQDX processor to solve these problems and more.

      Time alignment

      The DQDX allows you to delay the signal from the appropriate speakers so the sound from all speakers reaches the driver at the same time, creating a clear stereo image. 10ms of delay is available for L/R alignment, and 35ms for front/sub alignment, allowing you to fine-tune the speaker response to the driver's position.

      Ins and outs

      The DQDX includes six input and output channels, arranged in pairs for front, rear, and sub. Each input pair features a seven-band graphic EQ to help solve tonal problems. The outputs use a built-in line driver with a maximum output of 7.5Vrms to drive your amplifier to full power without having to crank the amp's input gain control. The result? More volume with less noise and distortion.

      Even more control

      The AudioControl DQDX features a 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley alignment crossover. This sophisticated crossover offers a flat response without any peak or dip around the crossover frequency and avoids the phase irregularities of lesser crossovers. You can select from six crossover frequencies ranging from 50 to 500 Hz, or a Defeat setting that turns the crossover off.

      The package also includes the ACR3 control knob. This remote control offers two modes: Program mode allows the user to adjust the speaker delay, while Music mode adjusts the subwoofer level. This gives you even more control over the sound, and allows you to adjust the settings without accessing the unit directly.

      The AudioControl DQDX's capabilities give you a whole new level of control over your car's sound. See where it can take you.


      • black 6-channel digital sound processor with EQ, crossover, and signal delay
      • 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover
      • selectable crossover frequency: 50-500 Hz
      • separate 7-band graphic EQ for front/rear/subwoofer
      • front/rear/subwoofer level matching with input/output level controls
      • signal delay controls speaker time alignment:
        • L/R: 10ms
        • Front/sub: 35ms
      • high voltage line driver (maximum output level: 7.5Vrms
      • ACR-3 Dash Control Remote included
      • 12-volt 1-amp turn-on lead output
      • frequency response: 10-22,000 Hz
      • recommended fuse: 2-amp
      • dimensions: 10-1/4"W x 1-3/8"H x 6-1/4"D
      • weight: 3 lbs.

      What's in the box:

      • 6-Channel DSP/Equalizer/Crossover
      • ACR-3 wired remote control
      • 19.5' Remote cable (RJ-14 plug on both ends)
      • Owner's manual
      • QC checklist
      • Quick reference card
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    AudioControl DQDX Digital signal processor (Black)

    $375.00 USD
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