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    Focal PSB200 Sealed enclosure with one 8" shallow-mount subwoofer

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    Product description

    Focus on Focal

    Focal's reputation for superior sound quality is well deserved, and now they've used their expertise to create a bass enclosure fitted to smaller 21st-century cars and vehicles. The PSB200 sub enclosure combines an 8" shallow-mount sub and a compact box to deliver impressive performance in vehicles where space is at a premium.

    Made to be played

    Any loaded enclosure starts with the subwoofer, and Focal has designed the PSB200's shallow 8" sub to work perfectly for its application. With 150 watts RMS power handling, you'll get plenty of bass for your compact environment. The speaker's 4-ohm impedance works with most amplifiers, and its post-style wiring connectors make attaching your audio cables simple.

    Space-saving design

    At less than 5" deep, the PSB200 will tuck neatly into the trunk of a smaller car, and will even fit behind or under the back seat of many trucks. The enclosure's sealed design means you'll get accurate, punchy bass that will complement any type of music. Its solid MDF construction and black carpet covering give it the strength to stand up to the automotive environment, and the integrated metal grille protects the speaker from damage. Mounting hardware is also included so you'll be able to start your installation as soon as you open the box.

    Now you can have bass from Focal in your smaller vehicle. Why settle for merely good when you can go for great?

    Product highlights:

    • sealed enclosure with one 8" shallow subwoofer
    • medium density fiberboard construction with black carpet covering and built-in grille
    • screws and brackets included
    • power handling: 150 watts RMS (250 watts peak power)
    • frequency response: 45-150 Hz
    • sensitivity: 83 dB
    • impedance: 4 ohms
    • dimensions: 12"W x 5"H x 19"D
    • weight: 15 pounds
    • Loaded 8" subwoofer enclosure (sealed)
    • 4 Angle-brackets
    • Two 12" strips of carpet fastener
    • Sixteen 1" screws
    • User manual
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    Focal PSB200 Sealed enclosure with one 8" shallow-mount subwoofer

    $480.00 USD
    $379.00 USD
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