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    Focal Integration IBus 20 Compact 75-watt powered 8" subwoofer

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    Product description

    Thin and tough

    Focal understands that it's not easy to get bass into every vehicle. They built the IBus 20 powered subwoofer to address this issue, so folks with bass-deficient systems in space-challenged vehicles could add some low-end punch. At just under 3" tall, this sub can fit under or behind many seats in the spaces usually reserved for stale bits of food. Focal built its chassis out of rigid aluminum, so it'll take a beating while it provides an incredibly stable home for the 8" sub.

    This enclosure clocks in at less than 3 inches thick

    Big bass in a tight space

    You'll finally hear bass lines and percussion in your music, as the IBus 20's 8" sub combines with a built-in 75-watt RMS amplifier to deliver some impressive bass. This sub comes with line-level inputs that'll connect to an aftermarket stereo, along with inputs that accept the speaker-level signal from a factory radio.

    You can use the low-pass crossover to get your bass to mesh with the rest of your system, while the phase switch ensures that this sub is working together with the bass from your full-range speakers. Focal includes a wired remote control so you can adjust the bass with a flick of your wrist.

    Product highlights:

    • compact powered subwoofer
    • aluminum enclosure with 8" sub
    • built-in amplifier (75 watts RMS/150 watts peak)
    • frequency response: 45-150 Hz
    • variable low-pass crossover (50-150 Hz)
    • phase control switch (0 or 180 degrees)
    • bass boost control (0 dB to +18 dB)
    • preamp- and speaker-level inputs
    • auto turn-on switch
    • wired remote control
    • 10-gauge amp wiring kit required (sold separately)
    • dimensions: 14"W x 3"H x 9-7/8"D

    What's in the box:

    • Amplified subwoofer
    • 9.5' Wiring harness (Power with in-line fuse holder/ Ground/ Remote turn-on/ Speaker level input)
    • Three 15 amp ATO fuses (2 installed in the subwoofer chassis/ 1 installed in the power wire fuse holder)
    • Remote bass level control
    • 18' Remote cable (RJ-25 plug on both ends)
    • Two 2" x 8" Adhesive backed hook and loop mounting fasteners
    • 4 Rubber feet
    • 8 Flat washers
    • Eight 3/16" Pan head screws (to mount the feet to the subwoofer)
    • Four 7/8" Self-tapping pan head screws
    • One 1/2" Self-tapping pan head screw (to mount wired remote)
    • Owner's manual (English/ French/ Russian)
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    Focal Integration IBus 20 Compact 75-watt powered 8" subwoofer

    $940.00 USD
    $749.00 USD
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